Hello you...

Welcome to this brand new wellbeing, self-care, self-help project as part of TherapyinCheshire™ from Matt Valentine-Chase.


You will find therapy, counselling and healing practices plus fun self-help resources, mood and therapy needs self-assessments and much more. Jokes, funnies, creative writing and eclectic self-care tips included.


This is currently in beta (testing) and you are invited to join for just £3.00GBP per month as a founding member.

This site hosts multimedia content produced by Matt. Many practices, therapy tips and guided meditations that he teaches to his clients are on this site. So whether you are new to Matt or a current/previous client wanting a top-up - this is the place.

Please note as a beta project - there may be pages under construction or missing resources - it's being updated all the time so thank you for your investment.

The audio and video (pending) will give you an idea of what you can find here on the TIC Portal. At the bottom of the page is a free bonus video from Matt. Enjoy...


A little about Matt

Matt Valentine-Chase - Therapist 

I'm predominantly a therapist. That's my day job, if you like. I also work in mental health services in social care and have previous experience in: nursing, elder care, palliative care, learning disabilities, NHS drug services, social inclusion, charity sector, academia (as researcher and student), disabilities and more. I see these real world experiences as great informers for the self-care and therapy stuff I do. I also produce media on a small 'arts and crafts' level - and I love it. So I hope that me bringing these skills together really gives you that boost you need and deserve. If you want to know more my website link is below. But this website isn't about me - it's about you. So let's get on with talking about you...

How are you?

Do we ever answer this question honestly? So, how are you? Really?

I'm all ears.... 

First let's see how you are really feeling.

How you feel

You can find a simple mood self-assessment, on the Therapy Zone page. This is designed to help you to identify how you really feel.


You will also find a handy guide with suggestions, a basic therapy needs assessment and list of support resources. It's quick and easy to do.

What you need

Completing the mood and therapy needs self-assessments can give you some insight into where you are at. When we sit still for a moment and allow ourselves to be, we can identify where we need to go. Sometimes this means we need to do some self-care stuff, stress management techniques, or just to have a giggle. This website will help you with that!

And breeeaaatthhh... 

Enjoy guided meditation and stress busting techniques online. Practice unique relaxation, anxiety management and breathing exercises in audio and video directly from the website.


It's not all woo woo...

Yes you can access guided meditations and relaxation stuff here - breathing is good - but it isn't all woo woo - there's something for everyone. Did we mention breathing is good?

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It's practical

Take a listen to the example guided audio and see which suits you.

Some are very short, simple techniques, others are longer guided meditations.

Zooming on Tablet

It's multimedia

Videos on self-help therapy tips, guided meditation in audio and self-care assessments downloads. All available to download directly from the site. What more could we ask?

You're gonna love it...

At home. In work. On the Go...

When I first got the idea to design this site, I kept it simple and focussed on general self-care and wellbeing. Then I did some informal research and got chatting to people. I found that many people who are in work are 'sick and tired of being fobbed off with online wellbeing courses' and that they wanted to see practical changes in their workplace. So I adapted it. There are now work-specific self-help, practical and therapeutic tips and resources. You can find these in the Work Related Zone. 

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes.

Carl Jung


The woo woo free zone

Not everyone is into zen..... so this is also a platform for anything that can help to lift your mood and make you feel just a tad better. Comedy links, written word, recipes, personal upbeat shares, they are all on the way. This is a brand new website so do bear with me. 

You can also request content for the site or a personal video. Click the link below for details.

TIC Portal Deep Dive

As part of my TherapyinCheshire™ practice, I teach many relaxation, therapy, healing and meditation techniques. These can alleviate stress, teach us to manage the work-life balance, they can even help us to transofrm negative emotions. Pretty quickly.


These self-help and guided techniques are sprinkled throughout this site.


Want to deep dive? There is also a more formal deep dive zone for those who want more 'hardcore' therapy tips.


Click the button to deep dive.

Reading a Book

Bonus Video

Just a quick mental health uplift to give you an idea of support I give. Originally posted to twitter.