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Welcome to the Portal! The TIC Portal is, I hope, something different, accessible, tangible and uplifting.  I have worked on this idea for quite some time and now it is ready to launch. There are lots of resources already here, more on the way. The site will be ever evolving. Please bear with me as I record, edit and upload content. Right now the site is just £3.00GBP per month, with a 7 day free trial. I would very much appreciate your support in joining the site on a monthly sub - but you can also help out in other ways, details below.


Why join? Because it's only three quid a month ;-) you will also be contributing to the start-up of what I hope will be a place for anyone to get the support they need. There are already lots of resources here... more added regularly. 


 Matt Valentine-Chase :-)

Thank you for supporting this venture - I do hope you benefit! The monthly subscription is just £3.00GBP and gives you access to all current content - therapy tips, self-care techniques, self-care and mood assessment tools, downloads, video content and more. It's an organic process and I am so glad you're here!

Terms/Disclaimer: There may be some glitches here and there due to the beta nature of this site. It may be necessary to enter your password to access each page, rather than the entire site. If this is the case, apologies, I'm working on it. That said, this portal is generally working pretty damn fine and you shouldn't have any major problems. Please feel free to contact me if you do.

This site is not to be used in replacement of qualified therapeutic, medical, social, religious or spiritual support. Your subscription is an understanding of this and that this site is in beta (tester) mode. As such changes may occur quickly and some features either added or withdrawn as the site develops and users feedback their experience. This website is primarily a multimedia source of therapy support tips, self-care, welfare, work-related support, wellbeing suggestions and mental health support and prevention suggestions. The fun stuff is a part of this support! Please see www.therapyincheshire.com for my therapy credentials and note that this website is an extension of that service and not formal therapeutic treatment.


I am not a web developer and your subscription is an agreement of understanding of this. There will therefore be possible delays, graphic glitches, technical interruptions or omissions as I navigate the integration of the multi media content and the site. Thank you for your patience!

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