The Deep Dive Zone - Public

Feeling brave? This page is a deeper dive into therapy techniques and our rights as employees, disabled people, students and more - often we don't know what legal and practical support there is fir us - so this will be the place to deep dive into this. This is the publiv page - and is an exmaple only. Please join the Portal for full access to the Deep Dive Zone.

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What to Expect Here

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Dealing with Trauma

Visualisations and techniques to reduce the anxiety and emotinal reaction to trauma and triggers.

Woo Woo

Yes! I can go all woo woo on this page! So expect energy work, spiritual practices, deep dive guided visualisations and more.

Creative Writing

Why is writing in the Deep Dive? Because my written work can sometimes trigger. In the very least it can move and often it's, er, woo woo on steroids. Not for everyone but I do hope you benefit. Short stories are on the way!

Work Stuff

Work abuse and employee rights, disabilty rights, student advocacy and more.

It's hardcore but not. We'll explore practical ways to address how work and institutions can affect our mental health - and ways to change this.

Up the workers!

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Trigger Warning and Disclaimer

This page is brand new so still under construction, do check back. Please note that some of the multimedia resources on this page, mainly the videos and some audio, have the potential to trigger. It is therefore important to make sure you have adequate external help - such as therapy, a support worker, doctor, natural medicine practitioner etc, before watching or listening to any of the media. Those more likely to trigger will carry an extra warning at the beginning. Thank you. Please note that this page, as the entire website, is not to be used in replacement of qualified therapy, mental health support, psychiatric treatment or social, religious or financial support.

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Example video

This is a great introduction to this page - I did this for a mental health service to assist staff in managing trauma after dealing with incidents  it can, though, be useful after any event that has traumatised.